App bringing new clients and reducing costs.

In just 30 minutes create a FREE app not only saving you thousands of dollars, but also attracting plenty of new clients.

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Product concept

VIPVIP is an application that allows you to fill up a simple form and create a FREE app for your company or outlet. The app will contain all the information your clients need and will be immediately available to download in App Store and Google Play. This is a unique product that not only allows you to save your money, but also to benefit from a functional app.


    Every client will get push notifications whenever you have promotions, news and various events.


    This is a unique product: not only it allows you to save money on creating and maintaining your own application, it also completely replaces plastic discount cards. You no longer need to spend money to issue plastic discount cards.


    The application has an option of creating an affiliate program that allows you to attract more clients by using “invite a friend” strategy.


    The application will contain all the information your client needs: news, company information, location map, contacts, feedback form, loyalty program info and much more. All the information about your company will be easily available for all your clients.

Features of your VIPVIP app

The app embraces all most desirable features for the client app. You have all this available right now.

  • Company news Your clients will have permanent access to the latest news of your company or outlet directly in their app.
  • Notification system All your clients will be kept up-to-date of all events since they’ll get PUSH notifications about each promotion or news. You could inform your clients about all events as many times as you see fit.
  • About the company Clients will be always aware of services you provide, goods that you sell etc.
  • Map For convenience of every client, the app contains a map of your one or several outlets. Now you can be easily found by any client.
  • Contacts This section includes all contacts for getting in touch with your company and making inquiries.
  • “Call” button Every client can give a call on a preset number simply pressing the button right in the app.
  • Contact form The app has a contact form allowing clients to order a callback, make an appointment, book a table, ask a question, place an order online and many more. Specifics of your business will help you to set features of this form.
  • Loyalty program The app completely replaces discount cards. You no longer need to spend money on having plastic discount cards issued and your clients no longer need to carry piles of discount cards in their wallets. The system allows creating unlimited number of discount cards.
  • Affiliate program The app has an option of generating an affiliate program that allows to bring more new clients to your outlet by using “invite a friend” strategy.
  • Own menu options You can create your own menu options that can be: a link to your company website, merchandise or service catalog etc.
  • And other helpful services...


Once you register, you will immediately get a user account. After that, you fill up a simple form with the information that will later be reflected in your client app. As soon as all the information is complete, the app will be ready to download. All you need to do is to share the app link with your clients. To do that, you can: place a link or qr-code in clear view, send out an invitation SMS to all clients via the service etc.
VIPVIP displays information of the company whose link was used by the client for downloading. Thus, clients will see information about your company only..

  • Cost of generation
  • Maintaining performance, enhancement and adding new features
  • Waiting for the app to be moderated before placement in Google Play and App Store
  • Create your own app
  • Generation of high-quality app with similar features will cost €7,000 and more for Android and €7,000 for iPhone
  • Piece work - €500 and more for every call for developers or a developer with a monthly salary of €2,000 and more
  • An average of 14 days with possibility of denial
  • Use VIPVIP
  • First 5 DAYS FREE, with from €80 per month only afterwards
  • No waiting since the app is already embedded

Test, prove and use it!

We are happy to offer you and your business high-quality, constantly improving service with more opportunities emerging and new perks being implemented. The service is located on the powerful servers of OVH, the world's largest hosting provider.

Today, our team has tens of high-skilled software developers and marketing experts.

At the same time, we managed to ensure absolutely reasonable prices that won’t burden your business.

Помесячная оплата Оплата за год(2 месяца в подарок)
  • Standart

    unlimited number of clients

    100 monthly
    • No limitations
    • PUSH notifications
    • Company news
    • About the company
    • Map
    • Contacts
    • “Call” button
    • Contact form
    • Loyalty program
    • Affiliate program
    • Own menu options
    • All the rest

Mentors will always help!


Mentors are specialists who can easily help you set up and implement the application into your business. You can choose the mentor you like on a special page in your account.
Mentor services cost 50 €/month.

In case you don’t pay the fee on time for any reason, we will not disable your clients’ app and all your information will be always accessible.

That’s how your app may look

You can edit not only text content of your app, but also select a color scheme.

Share your ideas with us and we’ll do our best to make VIPVIP ideal for you.

We constantly develop new features and immediately implement them into your account. Using them is absolutely up to your choice.